Multiculturalidad y Diversidad en Educación de Adultos

Cursos Estructurados

Structured Courses


Curso en Roma - Course in Rome


Agenda for Erasmus+ group

Programme of the course

Intercultural Training for a Welcoming Policy in Education

Rome, 22-27 of January 2017

Sunday 22.01 (5,5 hours)


10:00 Aims of the course, presentation of host organization and participants' organizations, workshop. Open common platform pbworks for participants.

12:30 Time for lunch

14.00 Work on constructing the feeling of safety and trust within a group through various activities.

17.00 Outdoors activities in Foro romano and ruins of Rome from the Palatine hills “The culture of welcome in the Republican time”.

Monday 23.01 (6,5 hours)

09:00 Models of education in formative institutions and how these methods can be transferred.

12:30 Time for lunch

14.00 Success stories and group exercises.

17.00 The Fall of Rome and the new period time during Reinassance time,sightseeing of the city from hills.

Tuesday 24.01 (6,5 hours)

09:00 How to teach about sensitive matters, focusing on adult and teenagers as young immigrants.

12:30 Time for lunch

14.00 Examples of a training programme for adults. The Prometeo experience, visit of an institution involved in activity against racism.

17.00 Visit. The Rome of Christians, from Catacumbs to Emperor Constantino until the Middle Age.

Wednesday 25.01 (4,5 hours)

09:00 Discussion and slides about the advantages of diversity, the Prometeo experience.

Discussion about other methods and teaching techniques to reach an unmotivated group.

13:30 time for lunch

15:00 Free time and leisure in the city centre

Thursday 26.01 (6,5 hours)

09:00 Group works about the creation of a project for fighting against racism, intolerance and diversity.

12:30 Time for lunch

14:00 Group work – Participants start working on their own program or teaching plan.

17.00 The Rome of Christians, from Catacumbs to Emperor Costantino (Santa Costanza mausoleo or Catacumbs) until the Barocco time. Environnment from the Middle ages, and the birth of the great Villas in the city ( Villa Borghese and Villa Pamphili)

Friday 27.01 (6,5 hours)

09:00 Opening the common platform to share contents with all participants in their countries.

12:30 Time for lunch

14:00 Retrospective of the week and evaluation. End of the course.

17:00 free time in the city

Saturday 28.01

09:00 final meeting, updating of the platform

12:00 Time to say goodbye.