Multiculturalidad y Diversidad en Educación de Adultos

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From the 9th to the 15th October 2016 we attended a training course in the Erasmus + program in Warsaw (Poland) within the project "Multiculturalism and Diversity in Adult Education".

It was not our first experience in European programs but a mixture of feelings invaded us all same: the thill of a unique opportunity to learn, ansiety facing the unknown and, above all, confidence that, again, it would be a very rewarding experience for us.

This course was a first step to achieve the objectives of our project: to educate in a multicultural environment to promote the identity of European citizenship, respecting other cultures and valuing ours, challenging the different stereotypes, promoting European learning etc ...

Who was our host in Warsaw?

After a long trip and shifting from the sun and 30C degrees in Caceres at that time to the rain and 10 degrees in the beautiful Polish capital, AgnieszKa Pawlowska, Speak Europe Language Club, was our host. It was a warm welcome, since she was not only the person in charge of the training, but also an old friend to some of us and with whom, after having shared work in other projects, we felt safe, protected by her professionalism.

Course of Varsovia. Poland

We already had the agenda with the contents of the course, so we were aware what our tasks and commitments were. In addition to the training we were to receive, we had ready different presentations about our school, our region and our country.

Course of Varsovia. Poland

For a week we received training on different learning methods:

Course of Varsovia. Poland

We also had the opportunity to visit and share experiences with some educational institutions that use these and other methods and whose results are widely rewarding.

Course of Varsovia. Poland

In addition to these activities there was time to visit the city. We consider that the knowledge of other places is a central part of these programs because it contributes to a total opening to the European countries and to us getting involved with their issues and ways.

The experience has been a very enriching because it allowed us to know other educational realities both to evaluate our own and to take the role of passing on our knowledge for other scenarios and other students benefit.

Course of Varsovia. Poland

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