Multiculturalidad y Diversidad en Educación de Adultos

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“Structured Educational Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar in Finland”.

From 23 to 29 of April 2017.

Sunday 23/04/17

We get our first impressions of Helsinki, English Matters - organizers of the course - and Participants from seventeen European countries.

From the very beginning we met a good organization and we focused on some key words that would be repeated all over the week: dedication, collaboration, equity, trust, responsibility, empathy...

Along the session we were given very useful tools to navigate our stay: detailed information about the program and transportation, maps, etc.

Course in Helsinki. Finlandi

Monday 24/04/17

The first working morning included a guided tour along some of the most emblematic places of Helsinki. This type of activity is considered of great importance because, when we try to know the educational system of a country, it is very important to understand its history, culture, way of life, and so on.

In the afternoon it was really a pleasure to listen to Anna Knonen at the University of Helsinki. She gave us detailed information about Finnish education, history, culture and society. However her enthusiastic personality transcended the merely academic and this made us think of how fortunate we are if we love our profession.

“Teachers should really love teaching and we should consider ourselves not as people who have already reached the limit of their knowledge but as permanent students who always want to learn. We teach our students but... we learn so much from them!...”.

Course in Helsinki. Finlandi

Tuesday 25/04/17

First study visit to a Finnish school, Mattlidens Gymnasium, in Espo.

It was a perfect day to look for information, to look at real work in an educational institution and to be aware of the great opportunity we enjoyed to get more specific information, to ask questions, to compare different working ways, to spend a few hours with real teachers and real students in a real school.

The key words (collaboration, equity, responsibility, trust, dedication, etc.) were persistently repeated. This time emphasis was placed on the role of teachers, their relevance in society and the key role played by the family.

The best formula to achieving goals: Good teachers + Critical and creative students + Family + A good educational policy = SUCCESS

Course in Helsinki. Finlandi

Wednesday 26/04/17

Visit to Valkeakoski Lifelong Learning Center. Valeakoski.

It was a very interesting visit because we got information to be added to that we had received on the previous day.

The numbers also provided us with more information about a different type of institution. Valkeakoski Lifelong Learning Centre offers a wide variety of courses for people of different ages, from children to senior citizens. 5 municipalities are involved. There are 100 classrooms. The number of full-time teachers and part-time teachers is also amazing. They offer about 100 courses a year, with various different lengths. Courses for adults include languages (13 different languages are taught), ICT, fine art, handcraft, dance, music, cooking and more.

Information on funding and non-formal activities was also interesting for us to be able to compare the Spanish and Finnish systems and to get new ideas for non-formal education in our school.

In the afternoon we visited Rapola y Voipanle Art Center and we also met new models of the educational system, Dualist Model and Shade Model.

Course in Helsinki. Finlandi

Thursday 27/04/17

Visit to the Vocational Training Center in Kerava, consortium that groups 7 municipalities, with about 640 teachers and 7000 students.

Apart from other information, it was very interesting to receive details of what is called Apprenticeship System (kind of remunerated professional training) and courses on entrepreneurship and business creation.

Course in Helsinki. Finlandi

Friday 28/04/17

Visit to Tallinn, capital of the Republic of Estonia and a city declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997.

We were fortunate to have a great guide who gave us interesting information about this beautiful city as well as details about the Estonian educational system, whose pillars are the training of teachers oriented to more innovative practices and a more student-centered approach .Estonia is one of the countries where the socio-cultural environment of the students is less influential in their performance.

Course in Helsinki. Finlandi

Saturday 29/04/17

This morning we shared results and evaluated the course.

Farewell to those who had come from different European countries and who had been colleagues for a week.

Course in Helsinki. Finland

Return home with a backpack loaded with beautiful experiences and new ideas to share with everyone.




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