Visit Cáceres. Tourism in Caceres. Caceres info

Visit Cáceres. Tourism in Caceres. Caceres info 25 aniversario de la declaracion de Caceres como Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO

According to The Guardian, Caceres is possibly the most authentically medieval and Renaissance city still in existence. Come to visit it!

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Visit Cáceres. Tourism in Caceres. Caceres info

Information about Caceres: Visiting the Old Town of Cáceres.

St Mary's Square in Caceres
St Mary's Square in Caceres

Old Town of Caceres was declared as a Spanish National Monument in 1949 thanks to its one-of-a-kind urban design, its excellent degree of preservation and its high density of monuments. Afterwards, in 1968, it was declared as the Third Monumental European Ensemble by the Council of Europe. Finally, in 1986, it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Caceres also has another tourist awards:

Likewise, Cáceres belongs to several tourist organizations:

The city of Cáceres registers around 1.000.000 overnight stays per year. According to official data, the time of year when the city receives more visitors is Easter, but there are other months in which the average stay exceeds two nights of overnight.

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