Visit Cáceres inédito. Guided Tour of Caceres - Extremadura Holidays - Spain

Visit Cáceres inédito. Guided Tour of Caceres - Extremadura Holidays - Spain 25 aniversario de la declaracion de Caceres como Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO

A wonderful walk through the Old Town of Cáceres, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most important monumental ensembles in the World.

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Cáceres: don't tell a soul

Could this be most unspoilt medieval town in Europe? Among Cáceres's silent, winding alleys and ancient squares, life seems to have been going on in much the same way for more than 600 years.



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Visit Cáceres inedito

Cáceres: Guided Tour. Tourism and Tourist Information about CACERES (Extremadura - Spain)

Panoramic view of Caceres
Panoramic view of Caceres

Old Town of Caceres has a privileged Monumental Ensemble which is one-of-a-kind in Spain as well as in Europe. The walled area of Caceres contains the best Spanish Renaissance Ensemble of both Civil and Religious Architecture, which keeps intact nowadays. The majority of the religious and civil buildings belonging the Old Town of Caceres date back to late 14th century, specially from refurbishments, extensions and newly constructed buildings made between 15th and 16th centuries. Because of this monumental splendour, Caceres was declared as a Spanish National Monument in 1949, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

In our city, you'll be able to visit the remains of the first human settlements from the Upper Paleolithic period in Maltravieso Cave, the ruins of the first Roman settlement in Cáceres el Viejo camp, its Arab walls, the second biggest cistern in the world, its ancient Jewish quarter and, mainly, a Renaissance ensemble of civil and religious architecture which is unique in the world thanks to its homogeneity and its high degree of preservation.

Palaces, mansions, churches and convents stand seamless together allowing visitors going back in time. You'll enjoy earing your step sound across incredible alleys where stones, storks and swifts are the main characters of the scenery.

Visitors also will be able to find a wide range of hotels in Cáceres, and besides, other accomodation options. Whether in Cáceres or in other cities like Trujillo, Plasencia or Guadalupe, there are a range of options from five-star hotels to hostels.

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