St Anthony's Hermitage

St Anthony's Hermitage 25 aniversario de la declaracion de Caceres como Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO

St Anthony's Hermitage is the centre of the Old Jewish Quarter of Cáceres. It was built by Alfonso Golfín in 1470 over the ancient synagogue, once the Jews were dispossessed of all their properties.

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38. St Anthony's Hermitage

Guided Tour of Caceres. Route 2

38. St Anthony's Hermitage

St Anthony's Hermitage

It's a simple small temple built with rubble masonry walls and a single nave. Is only remarkable a portico with three arches which are held over two ashlar piers in front as well as on the wall at the back. The altarpiece looks according the same simplicity line. It was made in 1767 by the woodcarver José González, having wooden figures of St Anthony of Padua, St John the Baptist and Holy Family, as well as Archangel Michael on the top.

A staircase allows access inside the hermitage, whose floor is under the ground level. It's covered with a whitewashed barrel vault having two lunettes for daylighting. It has a three field roof, having a simple bell gable with triangular pediment and two small roof lanterns.

St Anthony's Hermitage

St Anthony's hermitage was deeply refurbished since 1661, thanks to an inheritance coming from a portuguese man, Francisco Díaz Suárez, who left money for building the altar dome and the vault. Up until then the hermitage probably had a humble wooden roof.



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