Palace of Toledo-Moctezuma

Palace of Toledo-Moctezuma 25 aniversario de la declaracion de Caceres como Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO

This is a mansion dated from late 16th century in which the Renacentist style stands out. It was built over another older house, considering some elements in its façade that bear witness to it.

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34. Palace of Toledo-Moctezuma

Guided Tour of Caceres. Route 2

34. Palace of Toledo-Moctezuma

Palace of Toledo-Moctezuma

The palace has three floors, being the two first ones made in rubble masonry, whereas the last in brickwork. On the left side of it has a domed tower, also in rubble masonry in its lower part and in brickwork in its two last floors.

The last floor is really a windowed long gallery, topped outside with pinnacles, having a style similar to one used in the Palace of Weathervanes.

It has a beatiful courtyard in Herrerian style, with two columned floors.



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