Christ's Arch

Christ's Arch 25 aniversario de la declaracion de Caceres como Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO

Christ's Arch is the only gate remaining from the old Roman town wall. It's also known as Gate of River or Gate of Fuente Concejo.

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37. Christ's Arch

Guided Tour of Caceres. Route 2

37. Christ's Arch

Christ's Arch

It's arranged at an angle regarding the wall in which it opens, currently flanked only by the Tower of River, although it's supposed there was a second one northward which is missing nowadays.

The current entry is direct, consisting in a deep corridor whose outdoor side has a round arch which is just held over corbels. The arch inside begins at an higher level, adapting to the slope of the passageway, which is covered by a modern barrel vault. Half-meter-high granit ashlars were used in its construction.

Christ's Arch

A Roman design for the general structure of the gate can be deduced, although it's not excluded a refurbishment in the Islamic period.



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