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Visit to the Business Activation Office

Cáceres, April 7th 2014

ACTIVITY DEVELOPPED BY C.E.P.A. Maestro  Martín Cisneros from Cáceres, within the Grundtvig Project it is involved with

Working groups within the European Project the CEPA is carrying out have developed a meeting in the “Punto de Activación Empresarial (PAE)” –an entrepreneurial nursery– located in the Embarcadero Building in Cáceres.

Given that the Project is twofold, making crafts and selling them and considering the special features of many of our students and their interest and needs, we were very interested on knowing the process to becoming self-employed or to create a company.

The technician Miriam Merino explained in a clear strait way the services and tools her institution can offer. She talked also about the help PAEs and other institutions could gather in Extremadura and about the basic assumptions to be considered whenever a person is weighing the idea of going self-employed.

PAEs try to provide a comprehensive response to people trying to create a company, or to consolidate it or to become self-employed. They result from the agreements reached by the various Administrations involved, and try to be the one stop to facilitate all procedures and to guide the user on the implications that its decision have and on the aid it can seek and the problems it can face.

The zero point of an entrepreneur who has a business idea should be the feasibility analysis. It is essential that the developer develop his business plan, which contemplates the potential clientele, convenient location, the necessary procedures, funding sources and costs of implementation of the project.

A first consideration is that if the developer can not provide at least 20% of the initial investment, the project is not viable.

Should also be noted that the business plan should be developed by the proponent (with the help PAE) to ensure he/she understands all the details.

The entrepreneurs will have to consider whether they should become self-employed, which involves answering with all their assets, or to create a business entity, which responds only to the capital contributed to the company. This decision will be influenced by the type of business or service offered and the requirements and costs of implementation.

The lecture has been of great interest and students have raised doubts and questions that have made it even more effective.

On April 28 we will have another activity in the same place facing the specific topic of Marketing.


Visit to the Business Activation Office

Cáceres, April 28th 2014

ACTIVITY DEVELOPPED BY C.E.P.A. Maestro  Martín Cisneros from Cáceres, within the Grundtvig Project it is involved with

Continuing with planned activities in the sphere of the European project “Craftpreneurs” developed by CEPA Caceres, groups of students and teachers have implemented another working session in the Business Activation Point (PAE) located  in the Embarcadero Building in Cáceres, from 10 to 12 on April 28th. This time it has been on marketing and has been led by coach Victor Mena  from PAE.

The road to self-employment or to the creation of a company can be very confusing. Furthermore, we can later take many unpleasant surprises. The information provided by Business Activation Points can be crucial to forget your  fear and know the ground where you intend walk.

It is imperative that when you have a business idea, before setting it, you develop a feasibility plan, to be aware of what that will involve, all you'll need to be able to establish the company.

Then, the plan should consider who will be the potential clients where they are and what they need, to adapt the offer to their needs. It is also important to know legislation applicable to the activity  we undertake and to the chosen location.

In the area of financing, we have learned that, in addition to banks and other classical sources, there are Extremadura Avante agency, ICO lines or special lines of Caixabanc microcredit and Santander FEI funds.

Avante offers lending money or buying shares of the company under repurchase agreements. The intention is that when the company consolidates  it buys back public participation, so that the money obtained can be given to others. To ensure this return, the PAE investigates applicants and considers ineligible people with a long record of debts.

Funding may be filed before registering as a self-employed person, but entities will seek the viability plan before granting credit.
We have learnt that it is advisable to know very well competing firms and to innovate to differentiate ourselves from them.

Once the business is running you should take care of customers, never deceive them and explain exactly what you offer. It is the only guarantee that the word of mouth opens doors for you.

In short we have learned that whatever we know about our company before setting it will avoid headaches once it is established.

The talk has been extremely interesting and some students have thought about whether to register as self-employed taking advantage of the information and assistance that can be found in the SAP and from the people who actually care for them.


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