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Small Presents in fabric Workshop


Teachers carrying out the activity


Aims of the activity



The main objective of this workshop is to offer the students the different techniques to start their own business. For this reason, we are going to begin with the elaboration of the products that we would like to commercialise, whenever we would be able to reach the goals which we had thought at the beginning of this process.

We will be working with paper pattern design, then we will put them on the different types of fabric and we will also use varied sorts of pens and tailor’s chalk. We will to create handy useful accessories such as purses, mobile cases, brooches, photo frames, book cases and easy-to-make little objects for home decoration.

According to the difficulties we may meet in this process, we will try to use different strategies to make the work easy to the students attending the workshop. At the same time, these pupils will have the opportunity to attend different talks given by experts on the field of business. They wil tell them about the tools and strategies to start a business on their own.


Who can participate?

The students with entrepreneurship to start a short-term or medium-term business on their own. This workshop is also open to those pupils who would like to learn and collaborate in the creation of the different objects.


Number of participants

A maximum of six students may take part in this workshop.



We will attend the workshop every Thursday for two hours weekly.


Duration of the activity

The workshop will be held for four months, from February to March of this academic year.