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Small Presents in Fabric Summary



We have attended the workshop weekly every Wednesday, from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning. At first, it was thought to have two one-hour sessions a week, one of them, on Wednesday morning and the other one, on Thursday afternoon, doing so alternatively. However, this timetable proved to be impossible, since it was difficult for some students attending the workshop to go to their face-to-face lessons.

Duration of the activity

The workshop was held for two months, from 14th January to 30th April.

Name of the teachers carrying out the activity

Name of the students taking part in the workshop

Nowadays we are invaded by technology and the adventure of entrepreneurship is associated to technological advances such as applications, smartphones, programmes and so on. For this reason, it is our desire to highlight that innovation is also part of traditional arts and crafts, like our resulting small presents made in fabric, which have been called “Small presents in fabric”.

The main reasons for this workshop

The main objective of this workshop was to offer our students the different contents and some innovative techniques to create the products and then to start their own business in a professional way. Traditional art will have a relevant role throughout the sessions.

Small presents in fabric

Aims of the activity


We have used the different resources available in our Centre as well as others which have been acquired to make the products.

On-line teaching has been offered to the participants in the workshop, so that they can take advantage of their innovative ideas and share them out of our borders.

We have learnt about how to work with different paper pattern design and we have also got to know how to sew on several types of fabric (thick cloth , silk, nylon, lining and interlining, and so on).

The fragrant sachets have been filled with dried herbs which we had previously prepared.

Small presents in fabric

We have also been working with devices for ropes, complements and accessories to decorate different small garments, purses, mobile cases, brooches, photo frames and easy-to-make little objects for home decoration.

One of our great achievements has been how to use a sewing machine, which was completely unknown to most of us.


Our main goal was to give our students the right formation and skills to be able to create their own business.

New knowledge has been acquired like how to use a sewing machine, to understand paper pattern design, etcetera. At the end of the process of creation, the students felt free to decorate the objects which they had previously made.

Small presents in fabric

As a result, when we finished this workshop we realized that our vocabulary had grown bigger and bigger. We have learned a lot of different words related to the field of sewing and the process of handmaking these small objects.

Both students and teachers involved in this workshop have enjoyed the experience of sharing their own knowledge, getting to know as much as we have been able to and we have also exchanged all the information we could and which was in our hands. The workshop has proved to be a fruitful encouraging experience.

Small presents in fabric

The work done by plenty of women along history has been highlighted in our workshop. To celebrate Women’s Day, 8th March, we set a stall with the intention of selling the products we had previously made. The result was excellent: we sold most of them and the money we got was given to charity.

Small presents in fabric

The workshop “Small presents in fabric” finished on 30th April. We would like to state our intention to go on working on this the following academic year2015-2016.

Small presents in fabric

Small presents in fabric

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Small presents in fabric

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