Crafts for Future. Educating Entrepreneurs in Traditional Crafts and Arts


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Theoretical Skills

The Project focuses on adult learning, especially for unemployed people. Through the project, participants can discover/develop a hobby (handcrafts), regain self-confidence and creative thinking and learn how to start their own small business. Entrepreneurship and cultural education are considered and used in the context of the project as a tool for better understanding between people and their surroundings.

The Project aims to:

More specifically, the concrete objectives of the project are:

The above objectives are to be achieved through the exchange of information between partner organizations, through exchanges of staff and through common seminars in partner institutions. This partnership will bring together various stakeholders involved in business education. Furthermore, the participants will learn about best practices from the other regions, will be involved in several workshops and exchange their knowledge, experience and ideas.

The Partnership of the project is consisted by: NGO Menas sau (Lithuania), CRIoSS-Cyprus Research Institute of Social Sciences (Cyprus), Andırın Halk Eğitimi Merkezi (Turkey), Centro de Educación de Personas Adultas Maestro Martín Cisneros (Spain), Associazione Europeando (Italy) and Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion MALTA (FOPSIM).