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Second Meeting. Vilnius. Lithuania

March 6th to 11th 2014

Educating Entrepreneurs in Traditional Crafts and Arts

The date was chosen to attend “Kaziukas Fair” which is celebrated every year; thousands of craftsmen from all over the country and neighbour countries set their stands there.

We made interviews to artisans about their activities, problems and need of help.

We also developed workshops with local artisans who showed us how to work with leather and painting in silk.

Of course, The most enriching experience has been sharing ideas with our colleagues from Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Malta and Lithuania. Ii has been a positive meeting which will be useful to improve the project and to offer our students new ideas.

The activities have been very fruitful and the social gathering very intense. The meeting places very well chosen and the cultural visits quite interesting. The experience, in general terms, unforgettable: Pilies gatvé, ambar, linen, wool, “gira”, pork joint, ”cepellinai”. A big “achiu” to our hosts.


Traditional crafts in Lithuania

Traditional crafts are very valuable in Lithuania. You have the feeling of being more connected to nature through linen threads, wool skeins, amber beads and ceramic pieces.

In Vilnius city centre, there are many handcrafts shops which are both artisans workshops and learning places.

Artisans are organized in guilds and they show their products in street markets and sightseeing points. Handmade products and crafts are valuable and highly appreciated.

The symbols which are mostly used are those related to nature (mushrooms, fruits, flowers, animals, eggs, etc.) and the so called “protector” (angels, bells, ..) being Christian symbols the most frequent religious ones.



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Kick-off Meeting. Nicosia. Cyprus